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Why stress about cooking? Let us handle your meals for you.

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Welcome to Campus Dining

Dining on campus is a huge part of your overall college experience and we are happy to be a part of it!

Campus Dining at USD

Welcome to The University of South Dakota Campus Dining website. Dining on campus is a huge part of your overall college experience. Check out all of our dining locations to see the many options we have to offer.

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Eating Made Easy
Be Sustainable!

We are committed to making environmentally responsible decisions through our operations in order to minimize our footprint while still providing quality food and service. Visit our brand new Sustainability page to read about all the great ways we can shape the planet.

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Meal Plans & Budget Sheet

Campus Dining offers a wide variety of meal plans to help fit everyone's needs. Meal plans allow you with the convenience and flexibility to dine on campus with our many dining options we have to offer!

Spring 2018 Budget Sheet

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