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If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us.


Adam Chicoine
Senior Food Service Director
Phone: (605) 677-6271
Email: Chicoine-Adam@aramark.com 


Lori Reynolds-Rezac
Assistant Food Service Director
Phone: (605) 677-6603
Email: Reynolds-Rezac-Lori@aramark.com


Stacy Kauer
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (605) 677-7885
Email: Kauer-Stacy@aramark.com


Angela Haglund
Catering Manager
Phone: (605) 677-5665
Email: Haglund-Angela@aramark.com

Cathy Nelson
Retail Manager
Phone: (605) 202-0239
Email: Nelson-Catherine0@aramark.com


Linda Gilley
Retail Manager
Phone: (605) 212-1189
Email:  Gilley-Linda@aramark.com

Jade Fagerland
Executive Chef
Phone: (605) 280-3664
Email:  Fagerland-Jade@aramark.com